Friday, December 2, 2011

Veena Malik posed nude for “FHM”, Indian magazine

Veena Malik posed nude for “FHM”, Indian magazine
Veena Malik is no stranger to controversies. This time the sexy Pakistani girl has dared to literally bare it all for the cover of FHM magazine's December issue. Having hit the stands a day ago, the cover shows Veena in all her curvaceous glory, bringing to focus a mock tattoo saying ISI.
Targeted at the other side of the border for indulging in anti-Islam, anti-nationalistic activities and blasphemy and scorned this side for being a Pakistani working "illegally", the actress gets candid not only for the cameras but also in her chat. This is her boldest shoot yet, or so she insists when topless pictures are shown to her.
Mumbai, Today new controversy of Veena Malik starts when an Indian Men magazine FHM India published the nude picture of Veena Malik on the cover page having a tattoo of “ISI” written on her arm. ISI (Inter – Services Intelligence) is the Pakistani spy agency which is also in media debate due to Afghan war in the region.
Veena Malik has denied and said that it is a fake picture and she never posed nude. According to a Pakistani newspaper Express Tribune reported that Sohail Rashid the PR manager of Veena Malik said that picture is fake and Veena never posed nude.He further added, “Veena knows her limits. I know we have done quite bold stuff/shoots, those which are available on our website, but she knows her parameters. Yes we need to be bold for international magazines, but she won’t cross her limits.”Kabeer Sharma, editor of the FHM magazine told the media that this is not a fake picture and we have video of the photo shoot also and also an email of Veena Malik which shows the authenticity of the photo. He further added that she posed nude for the magazine. Sharma told that the photo shoot was posed in Mumbai on November 22.This cover of the magazine became a big controversy in Pakistan as well as in India and people started talking on social media about it.The internet users are looking to know about the “FHM” Magazine too and due to some reasons now the hosting account of the website of “FHM” magazine is suspended, it may be due lots of visitors on the site but we can’t say any thing confirm about it.

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