Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Ladies and Jensen!! Last night… I saw Jesus.

He wore cowboy boots, long hair and a treasure trail.

He also stunk like sex.

*glaring at Gen Jen Gen*

Dear Jared Padalecki, if you continue to walk around looking like that, you’re gonna put hundreds of PR people out of a job. We’re in a recession. Knock it off.

And now, for absolutely no reason at all…here, have a bazillion pictures of Big Daddy and his stupid face. Although, please to be taking note, the Texass belt is long gone, kids. Apparently, he considers Jensen’s arms Vancouver to be HOME, nao. In which case, Jedi, you should let him borrow your belt buckle, dude. *nods* Yuh huh. He can’t help it if he misses Jensen’s face being that close to his crotch, while he’s out in public. Just sayin…

Okay…y’all can breathe now. And plz to be sending any drycleaning bills to

Jared T. Padalecki at:

!11!!!!!111eleventy-one!!! I’m The Fucking Shit Avenue
Jensen’s Bedroom, Vancouver, numbers & stuff
Blahbitty Blah Blah Blah Canaduh

…or y’know, just stop wearing underwear…

That’s right, Jarrud. I said it.

HOOOOLEEEE!!!! Lolololol, Jason Manns has let himself go.

I donut know any of these people. Is this Jarrud’s version of the skank bank? *shrug* They seem nice enough. That devil in the blue dress seems the type to take her friends out for lobster dinners. Just sayin.

*wants Amanda’s dress…on the floor*

Srsly, are there other people in this movie and no one told me?

Jared just heard a rumor that someone put their hand on his spot aka Jensen’s ass. *booking first flight back to Vancouver*

*Insert cock here?*…lawl, move over, ladies. Jen’s got this one.


Y’know what they say about men with big feet…they have a very difficult time buying shoes. Poor bb.

Jedi! I didn’t know you worked across the street from the theater! *also… punches Elta in the back of her ginger head, for good measure*

Yo, Big Daddy! Lil Mama!…I’ll thank you to lose the barracuda. She makes you uncool by default, and I’d really hate to have to SHUN you two. Just sayin…

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