Friday, May 14, 2010



The competition is on again this week. This week we will try to decide who has the sexiest and fittest body in the Pakistani entertainment industry. We look through names of some of the hottest Pakistani celebrities.

First up we have Neha Ahmed. Neha Ahmed is Pakistan's Official Sex Bomb. Men rate her as the woman they are least able to resist. Neha has a body that is completely fit and very curvaceous which is God's gift to her and Men. Her Hour glass figure has made her a super Model in Pakistan and quite famous abroad as well. Neha Ahmed might as well be wearing a Potato sack and still make it look hot with her rocking body.

While Neha Ahmed may be the sex bomb, it is Cybil Chowdhry who is the MOMMY with the flat abs. Yes, Model Cybil Chowdhry is indeed a mother and become one at the age of 19. In the harsh world of Fashion she worked hard to get her body back and maintain it. Cybil has a body that is tall, broad, and very fit making her perfect for ramps and shoots that reveal her sexy flat tummy.

Nisha Butt is a sex bomb that has just recently come into notice. Although she has been around for some time, it has been her recent modeling for western wear collections that has made her noticeable. While Nisha can rock Pakistani eastern wear any time, the model looks especially hot in western wear. Long legs, a flat stomach with well defined archs, and a gorgeous face make this model extra special.

Who doesnt know Vaneeza Ahmed. She is a very well known international Super Model who has walked almost every runway in the world. While other models face weight fluctuations, Vaneeza has maintained her weight very well and her tiny petite body has given life to many designer creations. Vaneeza has a perfect hour glass figure that men can drool over for ages. A long fit torso and a gorgeous face is what has kept this model in the fashion industry for so long.

Now its time to take a look at men. When looking at Emmad Irfani fully clothed, one can never figure out he would have such a hot body. Emmad is not a bog man. Rather, he is a fit small with a very cut body, one that is perfect for male models. A full six pack and a hot chest, this model makes women drool for sure.

Abdullah Ejaz has been voted the sexiest man by Pakistani women many times. This Model has not only made it big in Pakistan but also in the western Gay and female community. His pictures can now be found on several western forums and websites, praising his looks AND his gorgeous body. While Emmad goes for a more fit look, Abdullah has gone for a more Abercrombie look. A well defined chest, washboard abs, and huge biceps make women swoon over his hunk.

Ali Zafar started out as a model, turned towards acting, and then singing. For his album Hooka Pani, Ali Zafar did a video called Aik Pal in which he appeared shirtless. The video received criticism from some parents who did not want their daughters to watch a man shirtless (Tell your daughters to stop watching Indian movies as well) in a video. The criticism drove people to watch the video even more and Ali zafar was established a a HUNK. His body is quite fit. Its not as well defined as of the guys above but is still one that can give women a fever.

Ameer Zeb Khan, Winner of LSA best Male model probably has the most well defined and muscular body out of the bunch. Bulging Biceps, rock hard abs and a stone hard chest have made this model one of the favorites amongst the female models. Though quite simple in his personal appearance, this man dazzles everyone as soon as th shirt comes off.

So who do WE think has the sexiest body? When it comes to women, Neha Ahmed without a doubt has the sexiest one. She petite and totally fit. It is a body men fantasize about and women would kill for. When it comes to Men, Ameer Zeb Khan has the perfect Body. It is large and muscular but not to the point that he appears like a inflated man. It is the perfect rock hard body that drives women insane and men work their ass of for.

Pakistani Hot Models..


In Pakistani Fashion and Showbiz in general, men have been underrepresented . The fact is that in Pakistan we have a lot of really hot men. Recently, with the Fashion industry boom, we have seen A LOT of new male models emerge that have literally caused us to sweat from their hotness. We look at a few new hotties that have emerged in the last couple of years.

Abdul Mannan is a model who has entered the scene fairly recently. It should be understood that most models work for a long time before they finally start to get noticed and once they do, that is when they are said to have entered the scene. Abdul Mannan is a gorgeous man who is very quickly becoming famous. He has modeled for many big designers such as Deepak perwani and Amir Adnan.

Naeem Haq has been on the scene for a while but it has been due to the recent Fashion boom that this hottie has finally been noticed. He has been spotted in several celebrity bashes and has been a part of major fashion shows such as Karachi Fashion week, Ammar Belal Collection, Munib Nawaz Shows and ofcourse Amir Adnan shows. He has also signed with design labels such as Cross roads, Gullabo, and Daku.

Emmad Butt is a New comer. He has literally started his career about a year or more ago but success has already come his way. With a adorable face, this model has bagged contracts with Khawar Riaz and has worked with telecommunication companies. He has also done a music video and a few commercials.

Asad is a model who can slay you with his gorgeous eyes. The model has been o the scene for a very short time. He has had contracts with Deepak Perwani and Amir Adnan and has been a part of some major fashion shows.

Nael is a Model who has been on the scene for quite some time but due to him taking off and then coming back in the scene, he hasnt been that noticeable. Nael has worked with all the top designers as well as many new comers. Amir Adnan, Munib Nawaz, Cross Roads, BIG, Labels, Levis, etc ect he has worked for them.
Wajahat is a model who is fairly new, he has modeled for Amir Adnan which is a great accomplishment and has bagged a contract with Gul Ahmed and was featured in their latest spring/summer catalog.

Aamir Afzal is also a new model. He is already making waves. He was seen in Karachi Fashion week, Ponds fashion show and Carnival de Couture.

Faheem Abbas is a brand new model. A banker turned Model, this guy has a adorable smile. Although extremely new, ha has been fortunate enough to work with Cambridge and Bonanza. The model also hope to someday open up his own modeling agency.

Danish Taimoor is a Model/Actor who has been winning a lot of hearts. He has been on the scene for some time but his contracts did not include any impressive names that would have made him noticeable. However, that all changed and he got to work with some of the top designers of Pakistan. He is also currently focusing on acting and can be seen on a current ARY digital Drama serial VEENA with a very big and famous cast.

Azfer Rehman entered the scene about 4 years ago. He started off as a model but very soon became an actor. He also hosted shows such a the Political Fashion show on ARY one during elections. He also has a contract with WALLS ice cream and hosted a Music show in Aaj TV. He has worked with many famous actors and is now seen with very big names. One of his famous latest drama Serials have been Kaisa Yeh Junoon on ARY digital in which he worked with top actress and producer Sawera Nadeem.

Nadeem Bukhari also entered the scene a few years ago. He was fortunate enough to work with really big names right away. For starters he worked with Ammar Belal and Amina Haq in the ABCD jeans campaign. He also worked for Amir Adnan and worked in/for Karachi Fashion week, LUX style awards, Lux 360, carnival de couture, HSY, Munib Nawaz, and Deepak Perwani.

Hareb Farooq is perhaps one of the most adorable models to have entered the scene. With a very innocent and beautiful look, the model has been successful in winning the hearts of MANY women and perhaps some men as well. Although not on the same status, Hareb has been in many campaigns with Male Model Abdullah Ejaz. Abdullah Ejaz, by now is considered to be quite a successful Male model, and to work on the same level as him is quite a achievement. Hareb was the G MAN for Gul Ahmed this year, he worked for Amir Adnan and the very famous Lawrence Pur which is one of Pakistan's MOST famous brands.