Thursday, July 15, 2010


Longer hair for men has become a mainstay in men's style.

A long hair picture gallery would not be complete without a long, beachy style in it like the one here on actor Taylor Kitsch.

Using products on longer hair is often essential to keep from frizzing out and getting out of control.

The luxury of long hair is that it can have a windblown look and still look fashionable.

Hair with curl and wave can be gorgeous when grown out.

If there is a men's equivalent to the women's bobbed hairstyle, this could possibly be it. It's mostly the same length all over which keeps it neat looking. A true bob is typically the same length all around and a little longer. That would just look weird on a guy.

Create an edgy look with a deliberately messy do.

Some guys have all the luck. I've always wanted thick, weighty hair. And if I did, I would grow it out just like in this photo.

One way to keep longer hair looking more tidy is to simply tuck it behind the ear.

Pulled back in a casual way can be a very elegant look.

I associate a layered haircut that is also parted down the middle with country western music and such. Well, it's at least a little bit country.