Sunday, March 6, 2011

Top 10 Celebrities on Facebook

Top 10 Celebrities on Facebook:

Celebrities on Facebook are an interesting phenomenon- seeing who has taken the time to create a quality Fan Page and build the Fan base is interesting enough in itself- but trying to guess who will be the most popular of the celebrities on Facebook and then seeing how wrong you are about it. Based on the number of Fans, here are the most popular:

No. 1: MICHAEL JACKSON FANS 29,719,412

Michael Jackson is Facebook's most popular celebrity. With 29,719,412
fans.After the King of Pop’s shocking departure, his fan page quickly surged to number 1, surpassing Obama and Vin Diesel. Prior to his passing, the fan page only had a mere 29,719,412 fans.
No. 2: Lady Gaga Fans 29,700,412
Lady Gaga is 2nd most faomus celebrity with 29,719,412 fans.Famous for her strange fashion style, Lady Gaga was placed in the public eye mostly for her provocative outfits and performances.
No. 3: Justin Bieber Fans 22,787,555

Justin Bieber is 3rd most faomus celebrity with 22,787,555 fans.Justin Bieber is so famous among people because of his cute voice and cute personality.

No. 4: Megan Fox Fans 21,223,539

Megan Fox is 4th most faomus celebrity with 21,223,539 fans.Two words. Smoking HOT. This gives the “Transformers” star every reason to be in the top 10 Facebook Page celebrities.
No. 5: Cristiano Ronaldo Fans 21,165,032

Cristiano Ronaldo is 5th most faomus celebrity with 21,165,032 fans.Cristiano Ronaldo scored 50 goals in 51 games for Real Madrid.
No. 6: Vin Diesel Fans 21,016,103

Vin Diesel is 6th most faomus celebrity with 21,016,103 fans.The Facebook Page ranking proves Vin Diesel to be one big movie celebrity. We will all remember him as a tough guy with a caring heart and for his successful movies such as Fast & Furious.
No. 7: Barack Obama Fans 18,573,343

Barack Obama is 7th most faomus celebrity with 18,573,343 fans.President Obama was once more popular than anyone or anything on Facebook. That was before Michael Jackson took over the number 1 position.
No. 8: Taylor Swift Fans 18,357,081

Taylor Swift is 8th most faomus celebrity with 18,357,081 fans.Singer & songwriter Taylor Swift may only be 17, but she has quickly established herself as one of country music’s brightest, young stars.
No. 9: Dr. House Fans 17,236,851

Dr. House is 9th most faomus celebrity with 17,236,851 fans.Yes I know. Dr Gregory House is a fictional character played by actor, Hugh Laurie in the ever-popular American TV drama, “House”. Real or not, this medical genius has made it to one of the top Facebook Page celebrities
No. 10: Selena Gomez 15,962,451

Selena Gomez is 10th most faomus celebrity with 15,962,451 fans.In case you had any doubt about Selena Gomez's ridiculous level of online popularity, the Disney star eclipses Ashton Kutcher's Facebook fans by very nearly 3 million. Her page is kept up-to-date with all manner of promotions and discussion.

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