Thursday, August 5, 2010

Kareena Kapoor Models For Firdous Lawn

Kareena Kapoor Models For Firdous Lawn:

Kareena Kapoor formally called Bebo in Bollywood Industry now enjoying the best part of her professional career. Along acting she is so interested in modeling and time by time did modeling. Recently Karena Kapor shoot for Pakistani Company and she really appreciated by Pakistani economy.
Firdous Lawn Mills Ltd is a legendary Textile Mills in Pakistan producing variety of Lawn Cloth. Since they are legends in this Market and to keep their repute Firdous Lawn Mills Ltd always introduces very special and cool Lawn Designs in beautiful colors. For 2010 summer season, Firdous Lawn Mills advertising team took a bold but powerful step and hires some Indian Models and Actresses for their product advertisement.

Kareena Kapoor offered for Firdous Lawn Mills product advertisement and she accepted and shoots very nicely. Due to this bold step Firdous Lawn becomes more popular and people really likes Lawn Designs. Today we will gossips on Karena Kapor modeling for Firdous Lawn and about lawn designs those have been wore by Kareena Kapoor during photo shoot.

Lawn can be used for different type of clothing, you can wear this casually, and can did some thread work, and use it as Printed Saree. This is cool design of Firdous Lawn and designer did some thread work on neck. Large “V” shape shoulder less kameez really appreciated in modern areas. Designer did some thread work on Dopatta and fetched floral design.

Modern wearing trends are becoming popular in Pakistan and girls also like this change. Here is modern clothing style influenced by foreign and used to manufacture Salwar Kameez. You can call this modern Salwar Kameez. Designer Use Firdous Lawn in a beautiful way. On blouse use simple contrasted fabric and rest of the kameez stitched with Firdous Colorful Lawn design fabric.

Casual Shoulder less Salwar Kameez:This type of casual salwar kamez is highly appreciated in summer season. The firdous Lawn adds beauty to the format of kameez. Curvy neck style with colorful use of fabric lines made this marvelous. There are lots of stuff of Firdous Lawn are there and designer select them for casual salwar kameez.

V Shape Modern Shoulder less Salwar Kameez:
Modern types of Salwar Kameez are in market now days. Designer used different styles and techniques for stitching. Here are two designs of V shape neck style with modern formatted blouse and neck styles. Both the colors and designs of Firdous Lawn are awesome and this can be used for bridal party wear in this summer season.

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